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Categoria Psicologia
Criado 16-05-10
Utilizador Jorge Alves
Nível de destaque None
Title Maps of Narrative Practice
Description Autor: Michael White
Edição: 2007
Estado: Novo
Editora: WW Norton & Company

Preço: 20 € (portes incluídos)

Narrative therapy is one of the most commonly practiced modes of therapy. In the first major book from this leader in the field, each chapter provides an overview of a main area of narrative therapy by explaining how it works and detailing the psychotherapeutic implications of these conversations.

18 years after the first publication about narrative therapy (White & Epston 1989), this is another essential reading for about its core concepts. The idea of maps is rooted in the author’s fascination with them dating back into his own childhood. Maps are such a medium of mental travel, topografically measuring a terrain, enticing to new discoveries, and a tool to prepare real travels.
6 chapters are dedicated to 6 different approaches to therapeutical conversation, each of them coming along with broad session transcripts to demonstrate the procedure.

Following those transscripts theoretical premises, specific details and further ideas are illustrated. Finally a map is presented as essence to it all. The are sure no recipe, and I personally, missing any emotionyl tie with cartography, find them rather inconsequential most of the time. Particularly, as the different approaches are never meant to be applied separately at all.

About the Author:
Michael White is an originator of Narrative Therapy, and is Co-Director of Dulwich Center, an institute for narrative practice and community work in Adelaide, Australia. He is an internationally recognized teacher, has authored numerous articles and books, and is co-author of Narrative Means to Therapeutic Ends.